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Biogra - ME (biography)


by June Bugg (Notes) on Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 8:53am


Born in the heat of the summer months; somethyn like a


Momz said I slid right on out!

Said; when the docor slapped me on my bottom that I hardly hollered at all

Said; when they cleaned me up, and handed me to her, I hollered like a wolf pup, and

would not shut up!

She said I was alwayz unruly,

said I did'nt play well with others- ever,

said I never liked schoolin'...

I think that I suffered from a lack of intamacy - for me it was monkey see - monkey do

I learned very quickly 2 immitate the things I see - The things they do

I ate everything they put in front of me though...

Mother was a vorascious reader, and

Later in life, i'd immitate this az well, and read evrything

from magazines, to novels, to fiction, to the literature of the enemy

Early on I also read way to many eulogies...

I danced, I cried when I saw cooley high,

I waz a thug - never no punk

I acted like an intellectual 4 a bit!

I got my duck sicked,

I was, am a mutha' fucka'...

I helped 2 create 4 new little people!

I paid taxes, never voted, served 4 yrs in the united states army

I was court martialed, and tried criminally

I spent a year in college

They kicked me out of the higher learning thang too!

I was kicked out of the boy scouts, a church group, and one of two gangs I belonged to

I was suspended from grammer school,

xpelled in high school

I was arrested 4 the first time at eleven, or twelve - the year I had my first real sex

 with a prostitute named Danita

I think I waited like 5yrs to try it again

I was sorry that I waited so long to tell you the truth!

Think I waited 2wks to try it again, and still...

I was sorry that I waited so long!

I wrote raps, poetry that I was ashamed to share, I always had a journal(secret!)

Me and my younger brother Bugga - we shopped a demo in cali, and got jacked 4 our songs!

I was young, never political, 

somehow I alwayz knew they were liars


I was like a hometown neigborhood superhero!

Straight HooDLuM....

I did a lil time; got out, and then went back and did he rest!

I once got up at 4am to unload trucks on Smith rd

I washed dishes, bused tables, swept floors, cleaned windows, did some roofing

I handled a 40ft later alone at 16!

I wrote a screenplay, and a novel, wrote a bunch of rubbish we called rap

I felt I had to scratch that; so I got it in on the trak - Got my own damn sack!

I gained some traction, doled out the action, sat back & relaxed; counting the next negro's tax...

When I was a kid i'd steal car stereos, hub caps & rims from your men,

I'd make 'em an offer they couldn't refuse;

then sell the shit back to your women!

I was headed straight for hell...

I felt the shame of divorce, where I was jailed & held in contempt for what the judge termed - MY ATTITUDE.

I was a rude boy...

Spent the rest of that day, and the night chained to a bench next to a wino, and some other dudes

I was a fugitive from what we call "Justice", many times

The Journeyman I B, a lost soul, searching for something I could never really see

I'm lucky 2 B alive,

In rertrospect my blatant disrespect for life itself seemed enough 2 justify a nice plott out there on East Lawn

Right there rest many aquantences, friends, family, and enemy, that look just like me,

This i'll never quite comprehend fully

Yet here I stand!

A lil skinny, jive ass street philosopher...

Like an unmarked thouroughbred,

a boozer, and a loser

a winner, sinner

A taking a new direction in life beginner

A fantasticly unorganized naive upstart

An experimenter,

hard on the outside, but admittedly soft on the inside

A pushover 4 the innocent, never the ignorant

A political poet

street poet

A bad poet, a good poet

A loud mouth,

a voice 4 a generation lost

A tittie lickin, pussy diggin little bitty charismatic

Overconfident, underpaid,

over 30 now

A humanist, realist,

Still a class clown, still down 2 ride, but for different reasons now

Still unruly

Sill don't trust authority

Saved, sanctified, and filled to the rim with something very special; that I've never known

Hate crowds

Love smiles

Play hard

Work even harder

Love my son & my two daughters

I've never hit a woman, but must admit - I've smacked a few ho's

I'm a light sleeper, and surprisingly...

a very affectionate father

I stopped dancing when I was bout 16, and just started back a few years ago

Never been knocked out, but have been given plenty scars, lost plenty fights

Drunk drivings like a sport where I'm from, but I no longer drink while I drive!

I've read Confucius, Buddha, Lao Tzu, The Koran, the Bible, The Prophet, The Kabir books, Mao, Che, Fanon, and everything the Panthers have ever put into print.

I am beginning to enjoy Jazz more than Hip Hop, Blues more than R&B, and actually find some classical music very much relaxing -  beautiful even.

I secretly still just think of myself as a dreamer.

I once told my mother that I was ready to die

She iz still very much in awe that I am still here; still alive

I owe her my life.

Cant say that I've ever been in love,

but I've fallen in lust with asses & eyes, lips & thighs, accents & auras, sophistication & imaginations

I think mayBe I've found it, but I'm still leery...

Clearly I put love through the ringer, every time I see her...

I love cars & motorcycles, Dogs & sniper rifles

My favorite movie iz "The legend of the fall"

Favorite song iz "Lets get it on"

My Biogra-ME(biography)

I like sneakers, hate suits, despise ties

I could eat chicken, good spaghetti, catfish, and watermelon any time of the day - all the time

I like chilli too - and Mexican food!

I've been earning money since I was like eleven, on my own at 16, supported others by 19,

I think I got unemployment once, been fired several times

Never paid 4 no pussy, lost plenty money gamblin' , but alwayz had the rent

Spent a lot of time just idle, just bullshytin' , missing out on life & love, BEE cuz I didn't know what it was

Just A little about me - a (biography) my Biogra-me! 



Mediocrity rules
only the timing shifts
but mostly folk deal from the same worn down deck of tricks
piecing out similar agendas of unhappiness
from the bottom of the stack hiding the miraculous
clouds roam, and banter across midnight skies in the daylight of a popular lie
shadows chase the sun
Them say; “Anything is possible”
I cock my gun.

Mostly life’s a put on, a put up job, a con
a man made dream of deviating schemes
inside the alabaster of the cities gleam, and phony luster
Made picture perfect
but every leaf that falls, and they all fall is genuinely flawed
So the sun rises to shine, awaking the day
on 12hour shifts with no overtime pay
and my anger, and resentment never melts away fully
a pitiful shame am I
Seems I am again down to my last gamble
the bets are placed in an insane scramble of hope,
and reverence,
and a dreamy eyed ignorance
No cab fair left; or meal money to garner up tomorrow’s strength
no remaining pit stops
this is where the game stops
And still...
I let my mediocrity hide the miraculous
on the racetrack of life
Full of maniacs, monsters & spite
But them say, “anything is possible”

I cock my gun.

The Wino, DaMu & the Lord

On a bench at university, and about 18th
escape is all I seek
just sick, and I'm tired so...
I retreat
Now I'm talking to a Wino who quotes scripture eloquently; then curses man with a venom I find myself
slowly developing
He said he needed some scratch for a dinner at Mc Donalds, or Burger King
Said, he was still determining exactly which,
said he wasn't asking for much
I gave him a dub
Think I surprised him, and then...
He said- said, "when I am in the neighborhood", said- He' d protect me
said he was always looking out for people who recognized him
said he had good reason 2B an alcoholic
I said, I had good reason to believe my Blocks it- Future-less, fatherless
just stuck in the matrix
He asked me where I was going
honestly, I did not know
back to the pen, I thought
go re-up, I thought
Finally I confessed
said, I was headed for hell unless he prayed 4 me
He closed his eyes for longer than a moment
Opened them, and
suddenly he was all focused
He asked me where I was from
a little uneasy now- I threw up the 9INE, and
then quoted the Hocus Pocus
He said very softly then...
" The streets R dangerous at night youngs'ta'"
He told me to never swear, and then he promised
God would always protect me from the crazies in the dark
told me to quicken my steps
He said, "every mans time is marked"
An upper echelon type, yuppie white boy walked by

The Wino screamed!!
"I have good reason 2B an alcoholic"

The yuppies reply...
"May God keep us all."